Happy Labor Day!

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Enjoy your day off today!

I will be working from home today, making some changes to our website, consignment procedures, consignor newsletter, customer email marketing, and prepping my new office space.

Going IG Live Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @5:30pm with new arrivals!

Just a reminder our last day for in store shopping is Saturday 9/24/22, 10am to 2pm

However I am still open to sell my Baby’s Babble brand to a potential buyer.
Please dm me if you are interested.
If not, we will continue with this online transition.

Once we transition, I will only be available to accept Clothes, Like New Shoes, Wooden and Environmentally Friendly Toys(Green Toys), and very select Books.

Payment methods will be PayPal, Venmo, Square invoice, or Store Credit(if applicable)

Once consignment shopping goes live on the Baby’s Babble website you will be able to shop our new and consignment items on our website and using various payment methods including your store credit.

I am super excited about this website upgrade, I’ve been wanting it for years and I’ll finally be able to transition when I move into my at new office space.

Consignment payouts will remain every month on the 15th, upon request via PayPal or Venmo only.

Consignment drop offs will be postponed till 10/3/22.

I am currently working with @darknectarcoffeeroaster to be our local consignment drop off/same day pick up location, more details will follow.

Dm me if you have any questions ❤️



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