It feels like Spring!

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It finally feels like Spring! 

Fun Fact: Baby's Babble turns 9 years old this year!!!
I uploaded more consignment clothes on 
for your shopping pleasure!

Check out the website and shop online! 

Putting a pause on Live Sales for the time being, I was notified on Monday that my landlord is selling my rental home. So my family and I are on the hunt to find a new rental home in north county. So until we find a new rental home, lives will be paused for the time being. If you or anyone you know has a rental home soon or in the works in North County please reach out. I am looking for a dog friendly  2-3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rental house with a garage. Please email or call me if you have any leads. 
This week open consignment drop offs: 
20 Items MAX per Week! 
Keep in mind, I accept sizes preemie to 5th grade(14/16). 
  • Swim Suits/Wetsuits/Rash Guards
  • Spring Clothes
  • Wooden Toys and Puzzles
  • Green Toys
  • Large Vehicle Toys
  • Board/Hardcover Books
  • Like New TY Stuffed Animals
  • Perfect Condition Stuffed Animals
  • Baby Doll Furniture
  • New in Box Toys
  • Ride On Toys
  • Push Walkers
  • Mini Purses/Backpacks and Wallets (Boy and Girl)
  • Shoes, size 4 toddler up to size 6 Women (Must be deep cleaned)
Just a reminder, please do not bring in baby gear, large, medium, or small, it does not sell well and it takes up too much space. 
Only bring in items that are listed above. 
Clean and wipe down your items before bringing them in, machine wash where needed. 
Stuffed Animals must be machine washed. 
If it doesn't smell freshly washed, and yes I can tell, please do not bring it in. 
The more it smells like laundry detergent, the faster your items will sell. 
Lay clothes flat in a laundry basket or bin/box. Diaper boxes work perfect. On hangers is not necessary. 
Most shoes can be machine washed. Or use a magic eraser or baby wipe.
Lint Roll all items if you have pets in the home, tape also works inside of shoes. 


Till next week,


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