Baby Building Blocks

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Relief Design - 12PCS Pack, each baby blocks have an embossed animal, shape, fruit or character,children can tactility and visually explore.Baby products assist in the early developmental stage of a baby life through vibrant engaging toys.

Soft Building Blocks - These blocks are soft and durable, easy to squeeze, making a squeak sound.Easy for baby's little hands to hold.The blocks are also firm enough to be stacked easily atop one another.

Bath Toys & Teether - This toys can be as blocks, squeaker, teethers, bath toy -- squeezable, chewable, soft, stackable. They make toys for any baby from newborns to 6 months and older.

Early Learning Play - These soft building blocks provide endless fun for kids, which also encourage building, balancing, counting, letter learning and other motor skills,The carved number is a good way for kids to learning number and problems solving skills. It's also a matching game.

Safe Material - Baby building blocks are soft and food grade silicone, BPA Free, Safe and Non-toxic.