Bluetooth RGB Led Strip Lights

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Input Voltage: DC12V PCB: Black Pixels: 30leds/meter

Colors: Full-color RGB, dream color changing Power: 30leds/m----9watt/meter(around) Protection rate: IP30 Non-Waterproof LED: 1 IC drives 3 led chip The strip can be cut per 3 leds chip

Feature: 1. App Control via Bluetooth 4.0, long Control distance, convenient to use; 2. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED driver IC ;  3. Brightness adjustable, With 120kinds of patterns, which are vivid and beautiful; 4. Support setting total pixel number, able to control up to 1024pixels; 5. DC5V~12V wide working voltage, preventing reverse connection of power supply; 6. User setting saving; Package: WS2811 LED Strip Light(1-10m for choice) SP110E Bluetooth LED Controller 


Product Name:RGB-IC Wifi Led Strip Light Kit Input Voltage of strip set: DC12V WS2811 PCB: white 3PIN Pixels: 18leds/meter Colors: Full color RGB, dream color changing light strip; Power: 18leds/m----9watt/meter(around) Protection rate: IP20 Non-Waterproof IP65 waterproof LED: 1 IC drives 3 led chip Cuttable: Strip can be cut per 3leds chip Led Chip: RGB-IC Smart Pixel Controller APP function : (a).10 kinds of fixed modes: you can choose any color as foreground and background color at will, and adjust brightness, speed, direction. (b). Built-in 100 colorful effect modes:you can adjust the brightness, speed, slide the number to select the corresponding mode, and save the desired colorful mode, just slide to the desired colorful effect mode and click Can be saved, click AUTO to realize automatic cycle mode. (c). Support DIY customization and save: click the plus sign, add step, you can edit any dazzling mode and lighting effect for any combination, click save after setting. (d). Scene mode: Click the plus sign, select the desired picture, and click Record. (e). Microphone function: 1) Light screen mode, you can choose the drop point color, sound column color, sensitivity, brightness, loop playback, and the colorful effect is more beautiful. 2) Light bar mode, you can choose brightness, sensitivity, APP microphone and device microphone. (f). Timing function: according to the time you set, it can automatically switch the lighting under your control.