Colorful Sky Projector Bluetooth USB

Baby's Babble

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  • Multiple Effects - Our projector has 3 modes. Stars and moon, Water marks, water marks with stars and moon. 
  • Sound activation - The pattern of the galaxy will automatically change following the melody of the song being played, or to the difference in vocal cords.
  • Versatile - Can be used as a night light, a desk lamp, a teaching tool, or to create an exciting party environment or romantic atmosphere. Great gift idea for kids.
  • Easy to use - Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, and start/stop.
  • Lipto-Tech light - The light is not designed to be harsh or stimulating on any aspect of your body, it's meant to help consumers relax and decompress.
  • The Optical Galaxy Illuminator instantly projects a beautiful scene of drifting stars across any room. The nebula cloud behind the stars create an out of this world glow vibe out & relax as you travel space from the comfort of your own homes. 
  • The Optical Galaxy Illuminator can turn any room into a galaxy within seconds. Just plug it in, turn it on and instantly transform your room into a breathtaking, relaxing environment. 
  • It also Includes a remote controller, built-in 1 hr., 2 hrs., 4 hrs. auto off timer, also it can stay on all night long. 3 brightness level adjustable (30% 60% 100%), still, or rotation available
  • A true "No Brainer" For anyone seeking the best lighting available